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    Carita K design

    Luxurious silk with hand-painted unique designs by Carita Holmberg .

  • Captivating Hearts, Carita K design

    Captivating Hearts

    Captivating events makes our hearts feel affinity with each other.

  • Honeymoon Island, Carita K design

    Honeymoon Island

    A wonderful world of experiences below sea level.

  • Blue Laguna, Carita K design

    Blue Laguna

    Dive into the unknown blue Laguna.

  • Fantasy fish, Carita K design

    Fantasy fish

    Explore deep sea and try catching as many fish as you can.

  • Stureplan, Carita K design

    Stureplan, Stockholm

    The famous mushroom and the gathering place where you meet new people and friends.

  • Laguna, Carita K design


    Dive into the unknown turquoise laguna.

  • Hötorget Stockholm, Carita K desing

    Hötorget Stockholm

    Lovely old cobbled market square.

  • Biscuits in Eken, Carita K design

    Biscuits in Eken

    Put that biscuit right in the cookie jar!

  • Skeppsbron, Carita K design


    Oak barrels are ready to be rolled by the ships

  • Slussen, Carita K desing

    Slussen, Stockholm

    A mixture of salty and freshwater.

  • Svampen, Carita K design

    Svampen, Stockholm

    The great muchroom.

  • City Core, Carita K design

    City Core

    Stone workers creates the city core of Stockholm.

  • Eldkvarn, Carita K design


    The great steam-powered mill, that made flour.

  • Slussen, Carita K design


    A mixture of sweet and salty.

  • Iridescence, Carita K design


    A play of lustrous, changing colors.

  • Old Town stories, Carita K design

    Old town Stockholm

    Old town stories.

  • Blossom Girl, Carita K design

    Blossom Girl

    We shall either transform our world into a blossoming garden or bring about its ruin.

  • Stories Skeppsbron, Carita K design

    Stories of Stockholm

    Stories of Stockholm.

  • Floral Splendor, Carita K design

    Floral Splendor

    The fragrance and delight of the flower is like a walk in the park.

  • Charité, Carita K design


    Festivity, Dance and Song .

  • Desire, Carita K design

    Desire, Life goals

    You complete one,move on to the other, and keep going to meet your final goal

  • Villa Frescati, Carita K design

    Villa Frescati

    Escape the buzz from city life and enjoy the special thing about strolling in a cultural milieu

  • Prancing Horses, Carita K design

    Prancing Horses

    Horseshoes chattering on the castle´s hot tin roof.

  • Royal Octopus Garden, Carita K design

    Royal Octopus Garden

    The Octopus travel across the ocean floor collecting jewelry, arranging them into a collection.

  • Psyche de ark, Carita K design

    Psyche de ark

    Less intellectual than mind, and more private than personality.

  • Raven Woods, Carita K design

    Raven Woods

    Attraction can lead Ravens to enter a house or even try to steal a shiny object.

  • Africa´s Big 5, Carita K design

    Africa´s Big 5

    Feel for the fantastic vulnerable animals and their environment.

  • Man in the Moon, Carita K design

    Man in the Moon

    A delicious neighbourhood spot.

  • Carita K, Carita K design

    Carita K

    Made for You to Love.

  • Harmony


    Helth and liberty are in perfect Harmony.

  • Fontana di Carla, Carita K design

    Fontana di Carla

    Watching the stunning dragonflies float and dance through the nightlife .

  • The Gathering Place, Carita K design

    The Gathering Place

    Caraff Skeppsudden, The Gathering Place.

  • Chambre Séparée, Carita K design

    Chambre Séparée

    Secrets in the Chambre Séparée.

  • Celeritas Race, Carita K design

    Celeritas Race

    Racing to beat the unknown.

  • Caritak Design

    Carita K

    Carita K design Made for You to Enjoy.

  • Chamomile, Carita K design



  • Wild Braids, Carita K design

    Wild Braids

    Braids in the wilderness.

  • Driftwood, Carita K design


    Washed onto a shore by the action of winds and waves.

  • Sommarhagen, Carita K design


    Favor our natural summer meadows that attracts biodiversity of plants and insects.

  • Secrets in My Garden, Carita K design

    Secrets in My Garden

    Secrets in my garden.

  • Hatchlings, Carita K design


    Nest of baby gator Hachlings.

  • Coins, Carita K design


    Piece of money.

  • Chess, Carita K design


    Life is about playing Chess.

  • Happy bird, Carita K design

    Happy Bird

    Happy Bird.

  • Flourish I, Carita K design

    Flourish I

    Florish I.

  • Touch of Flourish, Carita K design

    Touch of Flourish

    Touch of Flourish.

  • Flourish, Carita K design

    Yellow_Green Flourish

    Yellow_Green Flourish.

  • Small pieces of silk, Carita K design

    Small pieces of silk

    Pieces of silk.

  • Bijoux, Carita K design


    Something small and delicate.

Carita K design

I love to create with colors I´ve painted all my life. It use to be mainly on canvas, sheet of paper or decorating furniture and painting walls with oil, acrylic or aquarelle colors. A couple of years ago I feelt that, we don’t have the space to store all these paintings.

I started thinking about ways to be able to continue my passion of creating with colors. Silk scarves- Perfect! I must try this, painting on silk fabric, this luxurious, glamorous material. Think, be able to wear my paintings. It´s so cool to scrunch your painting without ruining it.
Yes, I wanted to make my art available to more people. Painting on canvas or furniture is amazing, but you can´t wear them when your´re going out. That´s how the idea of wearable art was born. My brother bought some fine silk fabric directly in India when he was on a business trip and in a few weeks I was trying new types of colour and new techniques on this beautiful fabric.

It is important to have the right colors for silk. It is also important to stretch silk in a way that doesn´t damage it. The entire process of painting on silk is much more delicate compared to painting on canvas – mainly because of color dilution and spreading- one paintbrush touch can spread into a much bigger area and it´s hard to know how big. Each paint behaves slightly differently, each type of silk too. A hand-painted silk fabric where you get the steam fixation is resulting in a work of art with wonderful lusts and shine You do not look at other materials.

My inspiration comes from experiences and event in the world, named afterwards such as “Captivating Hearts” it´s about captivating events that makes our hearts feel affinity with each other. Another example is “Stureplan Stockholm” from before with multiple motifs. And now after a couple of years I have created and painted a hole lot of different scarves, some of my originals has been transferred onto a digital print on finest quality silk, exquisitely finished with hand-rolled hems and are available to purchase in our online store. www.caraff.se/caritakdesign, GårdYes by Caraff.

By buying one of my silk scarves, you will get a unique and one of a kind product that is not massproduced . A Carita K design silk item is an exclusive accessory You can enjoy for many years and at many occations, all year around. Let it travel with You.

Surface pattern designs, Most of my patterns are designed entirely by hand, from my handpainted silk fabric and paintings. By playing with them on the computer I get new interesting results. That´s how I discovered the world of surface pattern design. My designs can be applied to a surface—anything from fabric and wallpaper to notebooks and home decor or to make colorful clothes. You can find my patterns on Spoonflower, Bags of Love Carita K Artist Collection and Atirac Flair that ships worldwide.

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